Celiac Disease Diet: 5 Things to Avoid

Celiac Disease Diet: 5 Things to Avoid

By JAN ASHBY    jan-ashby-author

Hi, I’m Jan, and I’d like to ask you a question – hope you don’t think I’m nosey.. but here it is:  “Did you know about the following five foods – that they’re potentially bad for your health..?”

It makes sense to me that store-bought juices aren’t the best way to go – simply because you can control things, if you use a juicer at home – or a Bullet, or a blender.

Yes, it’s appalling but true — you don’t know what is in those damn fruit juices at the store – additives are waiting for the unsuspecting.  Do some research about a product before you blindly buy it !

Here’s some of the Bad Guys :

1) Concentrated Orange juice

2) Margarine

3) Soy Products  [Very Processed]

4) GMO Corn 

5) Whole Wheat Bread

Now the reason margarine isn’t good for you is Trans Fat (not “heart healthy“); with concentrated fruit juices, well .. it’s an awful lot of sugar, in most cases (remember I’m talkin’ Fruit juice here – not V-8).

Oftentimes, high fructose corn syrup is in these beloved fruit juices – like Hawaiin Punch, Grape juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, cranberry etc. (Look out for dextrose and dextran in juices, too)


And when it comes to whole wheat bread, it’s better to FOCUS on heart-healthy whole grains – for example, instead of a slice of the Whole wheat toast – healthy-grains why not opt for a whole-grain waffle with Almond butter across it (and perhaps a little cinnamon)??


High Glycemic Index in Juice:  What?!

As explained by Healthline, fruit juices tend to have a High Glycemic Index .. you may read more (or see proof) at healthline.com

Do you know that coconut water is a recently popular item — 😉  did ya know that…1 ounce of “unflavored coconut water” contains 5.45 calories, 1.3 grams sugar, 61 mg of potassium, 1.75 grams of sugar, and 6.25 calories.

> READ More on “7 Benefits of Coconut Water”  healthy-waters-coconut (Hint: they contain cytokinins)  


One needs to feel full, in order not to reach out for unhealthy snacks or items with “empty calories”.

When you eat healthy snacks, such as Oatmeal with berries… or “Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter”, you are satiated for several hours.

Also, your Blood sugar doesn’t slingshot around ➡  (“8 Healthy Snacks for Blood Sugar Control” – Find here




FINAL NOTES: Suggestions and Tips

If you must have Muffins, Cakes, Bars, Pies.. well, try to make them Healthier. You can find many healthier-type desserts at Pinterest.

Soy Products are one I avoid as they’re stripped of Phyto-nutrients – overall, soy is way TOO Processed

GMO CORN – it’s added into many things, Like Fruit juices, Dairy, Yogurt, Snacks (if you are diligent, you can find food products on Amzn that are “non-GMO” ).


*NOTE: It’s not only concentrated O.J. – also, Apple Juice, Concentrated Cranberry Juice, Grape Juice, Apple Cider, and other similar processed fruit drinks.


Try to go with water (put Lime or Lemon slices in), coffee with a dash of cinnamon, tea (black tea or green tea, or Matcha Tea ), and also do homemade juicing or smoothies.


As to healthy snacks, well I love oatmeal with sliced peaches or apple on it – yowzah, there are so many fruits you can use – raspberries, fresh figs, banana etc.

*Important:  Try and avoid Dextrose, Dextran, Aspartame – fake sugars have a Bad effect on you and your family.

Resource: from HuffPost – 4 Foods That Help Yr Blood Sugar be Stable


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