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February 17, 2016



One Woman’s Journey Toward Improved Health

By JAN ASHBY  jan-ashby-editor


Hi ya’ll. Today just a brief post to enlighten you about a healthy eating blog I found. It’s about one person’s journey, when she started to nourish her cells at a micro-level.

Her name is Nida, and along with a well-written blog she provides tips on exercise regimen, and how to avoid eating junk [you know, processed food] – as well as IMPROVING YOUR ENERGY.


This is one of the benefits of being on a

Paleo Diet

  • which is what Nida chose.  If you take a look at her site, you can see how well written it is. And I personally found it “hinteresting” – i.e., both “interesting” and helpful  [i.e, especially if u are considering a Lifestyle change ].


Here is a snippet from her health blog:

  • Trimmed fat cells

“We (or at least I did) had this fixed idea that to lose weight we have to burn our fat and that could only be achieved either through exercising or starving it off. The Paleo diet shows with scientific proof that the food you eat is capable of altering the size and shape of your fat cells and, therefore, altering the size and shape of your belly.”

With the PALEO Diet, you eat lots of greens, cauliflower soup (and other healthy soups like Asparagus soup), green smoothies, avocado, vegetables/fruits [for Fiber, vitamins/minerals], nuts/seeds, and fewer processed foods.



Plus, ladies… you will FOCUS on protein more, and Less on “complex carbohydrates”.  This diet will have you EATING SIMPLER (KISS ).  You’ll focus on healthy unsaturated fats (Like fish/salmon).

>> The name of her blog is – and you may check it out here <<


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