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Today I’ve compiled a very cool collection of Summer  s-m-o-o-t-h-i-e-s  for you guys.

These delicious, satisfying smoothies will help you CHILL Out – and are compiled from Pinterest   –



First up, a wonderful “Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie”  that takes about 5 minutes to create, and is gluten free.   You’ll use vanilla almond milk, and this recipe makes two cups worth.

Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie         Raspberry-smoothie-2



Here’s 10 great smoothie ideas which are under 150 calories each – yes, you get a VARIETY with this:   from Cherrylicious  to Peaches and Cream to a coconut & pineapple special  (and a Green Smoothie thrown in for good measure) – this batch of “skinny” smoothies comes from a blog with a truly neat name:               summer-smoothie-specials

Told ya it was cool !  So go visit her site, and delve into some Summer smoothie delights that are of the skinny variety.


Alright next up:   are you ready for twenty refreshing smoothie recipes ?  I noticed there’s definitely a sassy chocolate recipe in the group and you can inspect it here:   20 Smoothie Recipes

There’s a Berries & Cream Smoothie, a Tropical smoothie that uses mango, pineapple, orange juice, and fresh lime juice – you HAVE to Scroll about one third of the way down the page, as there’s a ton of writing by the author (thought I’d save u the time) –  so go HERE  for tropical smoothie

>  So you understand, with Pinterest you’ll have to follow out the links to get to the recipes.               Smoothie-Ideas




… okay now something inspired :  A Trio of ‘power breakfast smoothies’ :

1) A Peaches and Cream entry (with Flax seed)

2) Green Pineapple Smoothie (with a few “fresh sprigs” of mint )

3) Protein Shake w/ pineapple, banana, greens, hemp seeds,

extra-virgin coconut oil, natural coconut water & honey
Also:  at same page check OUT the Raspberry & Cocoa smoothie (For You chocolate lovers !) – this recipe uses avocado,   Avocado
dark chocolate, raspberries or strawberries, and Medjool dates for a flavor enhancer.  *Note:  if you can’t secure those dates, you can certainly use agave or honey.

Enjoy .


References:  Fruit Smoothie Supreme  (strawberry/banana/mango/pineapple yogurt)




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