Health Benefits of Cherries, Olive Oil Benefits, Avocados, Clove and Even Fish

Health Benefits of Cherries, Benefits of Avocado, Clove and Sweet Potatoes

By Jan Ashby of HealthyEatingChildren



There are healthy foods in this world which can benefit you immensely.

I have included a variety of examples – healthy oils, spices, meats, veggies and fruits. So those of you who WANT better health and well-being can understand what foods to eat and HOW they’ll benefit you.


The Health Benefits of Positive Foods

First, we’ll begin with sweet potatoes – these are rich in fiber and therefore they will stick with you, and be able to provide sustained energy.

Why, did you know that sweet potatoes contain almost twice as much fiber as other types of potatoes?  And they are one of the BEST vegetables you can choose due to their B6 content (this vitamin breaks down homocysteine, which battles “hardening of the arteries”).

Sweet potatoes are “healthy vegetables” – they feature potassium – which helps to lower blood pressure by flushing out the body’s excess sodium! Basically, the B6 in this BOLD and beneficial veggie regulates your central nervous system and the normal functioning of your brain. That’s rather a BIG deal, don’t you think?

P.S. – they’re RICH in beta-carotene (good for your eyes) and vitamin C and E.


Healthy Fruits or The Benefits of Cherries: Think Immune System Health! healthy-fruits

Fruits like cherry are known to be rich with vitamins and minerals that increase the body’s health and immune system. It also provides wonderful benefits that can surely provide amazing features for individuals.

To know more about cherries and their positives,  see the list below for some “out-of-this-world” health benefits one can surely take advantage of by SIMPLY consuming the recommended dose each day.

With these wonderful health benefits of cherries, individuals can improve their health and immune system to provide them with the protection and the essential nutrients needed to face the challenging tasks of everyday. These can also help them reduce the risks of certain diseases to ensure that their well-being is safe and secured.


Benefits of Avocado:  A Fruit to Love !      salads-with-olive-oil-benefits

I L-O-V-E avocados. Used to hate them, though. As a kid, I thought they were w-e-i-r-d due to their “mushy” texture. Plus I felt they were BLAND! Yech – imagine my surprise when I began to love them. I think it was the discovery of Guacamole and chips that did it!

One of the great health benefits of avocado is that when you eat it, you are consuming a HEALTHY FAT.

When you put it in a salad, it helps you be able to absorb more of the nutrients of the rest of the fruits & veggies in your salad.

Eating avocados ALONE can also be beneficial – you’ll never be malnourished when you employ the use of this A  fruit !


SALMON: The Superfood Packed with Nutrients

Salmon contains Omega-3’s and healthy fats. You should try to get Omega-3’s in your diet (salmon & other foods) as well as through PILL form.   Omega-3-Supplement

Omega-3’s help the heart, and also regulate the nervous system. Specifically, they help one AVOID sensory overload (so things like OCD, schizophrenia, Huntington’s disease; and other afflictions of the nervous system).

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P.S. This type of fish has purine content, so if you’ve arthritis or gout you need to consult with your doctor before consuming much salmon, or Omega 3’s.

All in all, salmon is useful for most people’s diets – though it should be consumed in moderation.


CLOVE:  A Spice Boasting Wondrous Health Bennies

One can find many recipes online with clove, you can even use it in your tea (assuming you’re a Tea lover) – yet today I want to extoll some of the HEALTH Benefits of clove.


Just like ginger, it has some “truly Amazing” benefits; not only does it smell good, it can help with your dental health.

How you say?  Well, dentists have been realizing the advantages of clove for eons. They actually rub some on your gums before giving you novocaine (due to its anti-bacterial properties).

So you can use it – to ward off a SORE Throat that’s coming on. Just buy a premium mouthwash that has CLOVE oil as 1 one of its ingredients.


What are the Exact Benefits of Olive Oil?


Olive Oil advantages: Certainly olive oil is better to use in your cooking than “bad oils” such as vegetable oil, canola oil, or lard.

Of course, it’s EXTREMELY healthy to eat raw fruits & vegetables and not cook them at all.

If you need to do a stir fry, though, use olive oil as it’s not as BAD for you. And then too, dine on salads with olive oil & vinegar dressing as often as you can.


Here’s a post that EXPLAINS many of the health uses of olive oil:

It’s like LIQUID Gold, and just 3 of the things it does is help reduce the incidence of Alzheimers, the chance of Breast cancer, and it also helps prevent acute pancreatitis.


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