Healthy Eating Habits: How To Form New Habits

Forming Healthy Eating Habits

By JAN ASHBY  jan_ashby

Eating habits can be one of the most challenging ones to break. Why is this?

For me, there is an oral fixation (hand to mouth) that is hard to get over. Then there’s those ever-loving, ding-dong commercials on TV.. you know, the ones showing you delectable treats (or Restaurant Ads, with their delicious looking items).

Have you ever stared at the screen when a KFC commercial is on, and wondered if the Colonel secretly LICKS his fingers after each bite of Chicken ?


Now you may agree you need to change some of your habits – you may want to, but you need to have a PLAN in place.


Goal Tracking Idea: ?

You need to have goals; and if you use an online tool like or, it will be easier to alter yr eating habits as you’ll have something CONCRETE. Something in writing.

And if you opt for, you can have an Accountability partner. While is a simpler, straightforward tool allows u to SET your goals, track your goals, and have a “buddy” to help keep you on track.

Do you remember the last time you reached for comfort food?  Yeah, well this is where it’ll be HELPFUL to have a person you can turn to (so you don’t REACH so easily for the snacks!).


Build New Habits with Goal-Buddy


And you know, Goal-Buddy not only has this feature (the buddy system) – it also has you NAME the goal and state “how this habit will affect my life“. Then there’s a dropdown mulitple choice to select your reply.

Next there is Habit Recurrence – You fill in “Daily”, “Weekly”, or “Monthly”. Then, you state “Why is this habit important to me”.

Now, you’ll get Email reminders (or you can choose to get Text msg’s) to guide you in your journey.  Additionally, you may find a Vision Board to be useful – so you can see your goal(s) daily, while at your desk.


Set Your Goal:  This is First Step at

This is the very first thing you do.  It’s under the Heading “Set Your Goal“.

I’ll include a screenshot so you may see :

It is important to state WHY this goal is important to achieve (and WHAT will happen if you do achieve it).  And what will HAPPEN as a result of failing.

Also in this section you put down Milestones necessary to accomplish said goal.  Are you starting to see that this is doable?


LOOK at This video for a Rundown of


 What’s Stopping You From Getting Started ?


Finally, I ‘d like to encourage you to get started in establishing healthy eating habits. If you set small goals, once you achieve the first one .. it’ll be EASIER to get Goal #2 accomplished.

Recall that with you can do a lot.  It’s the one I’m using, and I’m already eating healthier.

If you’d like to see the section that SHOWS how you’d set your goals up – visit Goal-buddy .  (This takes you to the wizard, and u can see the “step by step” of it)