Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Today I would like to provide some handy hints on the topic, “Halloween Crafts for Toddlers“.  Included will be jack o’lanterns (pumpkin carving), ghostly crafts, shadow puppets, treats – and a bit on Halloween costumes for toddlers.

There are some cute costumes that you can make for your children – such as thisDIY Halloween costumes for toddlers

That’s an easy ballet costume for a toddler girl .. or perhaps she’s into Pirates of the Caribbean and would appreciate a Pirate costume –  in which case you may like the instructions for a “do it yourself”  pirate outfit.  The following site has directions on making a Pirate Hat, how to make your own cheap pirate costume.

So if you don’t want to spend much money, well, the bandana and eye patch are simple & cheap to make – in this tutorial, you are shown how to create:

  1. belt
  2. bandana
  3. eye patch
  4. sword

The parrot on the shoulder will be “optional”.  You’ll require some white felt, black felt, cardboard & black elastic rope for the patch. And of course you’ll need black pants, a frilly white shirt (or “white dress shirt“), a black vest – and you’ll have to make the sword and belt.

For full instruction, go to WIKIHow.com

DIY Pirate Hat To find out how to make a PIRATE Hat, hit up this site .  If you are into Fairy costumes, here’s your directions for an adorable fairy outfit. Also, a nice detailed video on doing the makeup for the fairy – Go to Youtube

For beautiful fairy costume wings and child’s makeup – SEE This Video tutorial:   (done by a young girl) – Go 3 Minutes in for the WINGS

For some more costumes, simply visit HALLOWEEN Costume Ideas.

PUMPKIN CARVING:  Templates from Martha Stewart

  1. Leaf Carved Pumpkin Lanterns

  2. Pumpkin Carving Basics            Crafts for Toddlers: Pumpkin-carving

For The Kids:  Youtube Ghost Puppet Show

Cute Puppet Show – Nicely Done


Ghostly Crafts:  Some Fresh Ideas for You

At my HealthyKids site, I posted some ghost-related crafts for toddlers to do.   Crafts for Halloween You might consider these halloween crafts for toddlers – I think it is nice to participate & do it with your son or daughter..  and why not listen to some Haunting music while you get creative?

To get in the spirit of Halloween, you might listen to “Night on Bald Mountain”  or for really young children, a Disney classic perhaps .. Of course, there’s Oogie Boogie from Nightmare B4 Christmas .  Plus here’s a brief list of some fun “scary” tunes:

  1. Monster Mash
  2. Disney’s Halloween Treat (Video)
  3. Poor Unfortunate Souls (Villain from Little Mermaid)    Disney Film


Crafty Ideas:  Make SHADOW Puppets

If you want to get even craftier, you can consider Shadow Puppets – making one, that is .. It’s not so hard.  Here’s a really straightforward, easy to follow video tutorial:


Treats: Mini-Monster Cheesecakes

Top 10 Halloween Treats

Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon

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