Bento Box Ideas for You: Healthy Fruits and Fruit Leather

Healthy Snacks for Kids – 5 Ideas for “Fun Food for Kids”


1) Homemade Fruit Rollups – I love this idea, as do many kids. Letting your child choose the fruit makes them happy, and the fruit rollup makes them healthy ! Here are some recipes:       Healthy-Fruits


The second recipe uses strawberries, passion fruit syrup & applesauce


Fruit Leather:  Step by Step guide with Pictures:

**SPECIAL NOTE:  Fruit Roll-up Video is Raw & Natural Recipe

2) Bento Box Ideas – There are some cute designs at this page (  Gosh, look at the eggs “shaped like hens” and the Strawberry cat.

>  These attractive images are near the top, if u want to have a quick look-see:

*Note:  I like the Teriyaki chickpea salad wrap, and it’s Gluten-free !


> Many of the Bento Box ideas at Pinterest are instructional layouts, very “step by step” in case you haven’t visited Pinterest . It’s very E-A-S-Y


3) Kind Honey-Oat Granola Snack bars – These are healthy grains with oats, honey & toasted coconut.  They actually taste good, and are individually-wrapped bars, so can be easily added to a lunchbox. *They are Non-GMO and “gluten free”.

You can find them at Amazon (they come 15 to a pak)

4) An Illustrated Guide to Healthy Sandwiches for Kids:


This has an “under the sea” theme that is inspired !

I found this to be visually appealing, and not too difficult.  There’s a clown fish, a happy octupus, a healthy crab (made from Whole-wheat tortilla so it’s healthier), a sailboat (cheese/ham/cucumber/bread & 2 long pretzel sticks).

A Pirate (using cucumbers/red pepper/ham/wheat bread), a shark (made w/ Ham/turkey, cucumber & romaine lettuce); also there’s a water spider, and a mermaid.



5) Another “Bento box ideas” presentation: “Fruit Bento Boxes” – This time the focus is on raspberries (which has tons o’ fiber), blueberries (a superfood), sprouts (Very healthy), grapes, mini-oreos, & mini marshmallows.

Here you are:


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