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Hi, I’m Jan Ashby  jan-ashby-author


I want to share with you some of our valuable posts :


1. RAW FOOD BENEFITS:  People are interested in getting healthier through their food

2. FOOD DEHYDRATION:  What Are The Benefits оf Dehydrated Foods?


3. HEALTHY WEEKNIGHT DINNERS – Using healthy ingredients – such as coconut milk – we explore “more exotic” recipes such as Thai Red Curry with Vegetables and provide some resources (Links) to other healthy food blogs


4. GREEN SMOOTHIES and Summer Smoothies 



5BATCH COOKING –A good video is included in the post – a really savvy mom details how batch cooking has changed her life (for the better). She uses a pressure cooker, a food processor, and talks to you about hummus, herbs, sauces, potatoes, chickpeas, rice etc.

(For Future Reference: You can subscribe to her YT channel or check out her “Batch Cooking Bootcamp” at her blog)

> Our Batch Cooking Post

6. Kids Safety in The Kitchen:        girl-chef-safety-in-kitchen

> http://healthyeatingchildren.com/kids-safety-in-the-kitchen


IMPORTANT RESOURCE – There is another site I have that focuses  on “kids cooking” and safety in the kitchen.  It is Bestkidscookingclasses.com

It is so cool to have fun with your kids in the kitchen – Kids love to explore kitchen gadgets, yet they need to have proper respect for these tools.


7Healthy Eating Tips & Videos for Families and Kids (ALERT: Many videos for Kids)



Additional Topics – Healthy Smoothies for Your Family:



Healthy Eating Tips for Kids and Kids Safety in the Kitchen:  Enjoy the videos on nutritional meals for children, food safety for kids, learning to cook, childhood obesity prevention, raw food benefits, positive foods, healthy habits, and having a balanced diet.  Also, healthy eating guides for vacation, at college, or in your car.

Plus healthy eating in airports and eating healthy on a budget.

In terms of food safety in the kitchen, I have featured the “biggest cause of foodborne illness” and a segment on kitchen safety for kids (kitchen tools, knives etc) .


Weight Loss for Kids


I give you videos tailored to Portion Control Tips and portion control bowls – 2 things which can be really useful for kids wanting to lose weight.  Also covered is “How to Change Your METABOLISM”, healthy lunch ideas, healthy smoothies, green smoothies, antioxidant-rich foods, and kids cooking videos.


Healthy Breakfast Foods        Healthy-Breakfast-Foods-green-smoothies

It’s so essential to start the day right, and go from there. So there’s an emphasis on “healthy breakfast ideas” including healthy fruits, juicing tips, healthy smoothies, and even “Healthy Breakfast Ideas on the go”.


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